Pandemic Shift: The Global Go-Home Epoch

A short meditation on the global implications of COVID-19.

The world has changed. How long it’ll last is still unknown, but we can start to map out the immediate effects and impending ramifications of the virus that has changed our lives.

The outbreak and subsequent pandemic of the novel coronavirus has forever reshaped the fabric of everyday life. Other viruses have come, wreaked havoc, and left. Other events may have been more heartbreaking. Yet, nothing this century has so fundamentally altered the routines of humans. Global travel has screeched to a halt, hygiene products are the most valuable commodity, and people are distancing themselves from those usually around them. Humans are innately prone to social connection. However, the current coronavirus pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in human behavior — if not by choice.

Businesses are no different. Offices around the world are empty. Thousands are losing jobs, and the companies that can survive remotely are scrambling for a way to keep their assets safe with a remote workforce. Businesses are frantically onboarding millions of employees to secure remote access VPNs in hopes that they can stay efficient and effective.

As a direct result of these radical changes to global business, VPN searches and sales have skyrocketed. NordVPN Teams has seen an almost 600% increase in sales due to remote work made mandatory by many governments. It’s clear that remote work security will have to be a priority going forward, and the decision-makers need to ensure their company can withstand the long road ahead.

As we wait out the storm, let’s take this time to connect and reconnect with loved ones. Let’s take this time to stay productive in our jobs and in pursuit of our dreams. Most importantly, let’s not let this test-of-a-lifetime dictate our future. As a whole, humanity is more powerful than any virus. Stay safe, people.

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