The Quarantine Weekly Update: World VPN Use Skyrockets, US Workday Up 3 Hours, And Why You Should Call That Weird Cousin

2 min readMar 25, 2020

As the dust starts to settle, routines form. Humans are adapting as we always have, and business is following suit. The confined millions working from home around the world seem to be settling into a routine that could find some businesses rethinking their remote work policies.

With all the extra time saved by our current roll-out-of-bed morning commute, workers around the world are logging on earlier and spending up to 3 hours more on business VPNs. Data from NordVPN Teams revealed a massive spike in usage worldwide — with countries like Austria seeing an enormous 165% increase in traffic.

Additional usage data revealed several countries, including Canada, France and the Netherlands, are using their business VPNs an extra 2 hours per day.

The US data showed the highest jump worldwide as the workday lengthened a staggering 3 hours (+37.5%). You can check out the full chart on Bloomberg here.

So, what do we make of these findings? Are people really working more? Could that meeting have been an email after all? The most important question to answer is: what can we learn and improve for the future?

As long as your network is secure and your team is both vigilant and resilient, remote work can be safe. Whether or not it can be effective or productive is the next question. Luckily, humanity has shown its resilience and innovative instinct time and time again. This time will be no different.

Security, health, productivity, social connection and many other industries are already working tirelessly to innovate around remote work. This will make us more prepared for the next challenge, and we will pick up some creative new ideas along the way.

For now, we stay positive and stay safe. Call your friends and family — yes, even that weird cousin who always yells about the government. Call them and check how they’re doing. You finally have time.

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